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Grain Corn

With a diverse lineup of high-yielding corn hybrids and the knowledge of our dedicated Pioneer sales professionals, we can help you place the right product on the right acre to maximize your yields.

We offer corn hybrids in 80,000 seed bags, or 50 unit ProBoxes to suit your planting needs.

Corn Agronomy

Choose from the following grain corn varieties to learn more:

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Field Sign > Grain Corn > P7455R

  • Very good test weight scores
  • Excellent stalk and root strength
  • Very good drought tolerance scores
  • Average for Goss's wilt resistance

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Field Sign > Grain Corn > P7527AM

  • Great yield to performance moisture
  • Short plant with low ear insertion
  • Late flowering with fast drydown

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Field Sign > Grain Corn > P7958AM

  • Late flowering
  • High yield potential
  • Very good root strength
  • Good stalk strength

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Insightful Information

As a grower, you need information that’s local, accurate and focused on products that produce the highest yields.

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